High Voice

I was asked yesterday about the “surly bonds of Earth” reference in the post about Neil Armstrong’s death. There is indeed a story behind that and a very unusual young man.

John Gillespie McGee Jr. was born in Shanghai to a US ambassador, thus was American. His initial school was in Shanghai, “The American School” […]

An amusing take on an odd take on Neil Armstrong’s passing

This is more in the vein of politics, though in the morning I will have one more comment about a person inspired by Neil Armstrong, and a person who inspired Armstrong himself. […]

Neil Armstrong once again slips the surly bonds of Earth

Neil Armstrong, first human to set foot on another world, passed away today.


The Isaac Storm

It is saddening to see leftists literally praying for death and destruction to visit the United States, so long as it is aligned with their own prejudices. Here is one of many such supplications I’ve seen:

“Dear God, I promise to believe in you if you will just send Hurricane Isaac to Tampa while the […]

Drug-Tested Welfare

A friend sent an email last night, asking for my opinion. The email talked about the “traffic jams” of welfare recipients leaving Florida because of the new drug-testing law. In fact, Florida had implemented this law a year before, and it was stopped by injunction in October of 2011 after being in operation less than five months. And everyone will tell you that the drug testing didn’t save any significant money. […]


While looking at another topic (check back tomorrow), I stumbled across this odd item. Remember the “naked cannibal face-eating zombie” in Florida who was allegedly on “bath salts” as the reason for his behavior? (Later, this was said to be merely marijuana.) I’d not heard of “bath salts” as a narcotic prior to the incident, […]

Tea Party and Neo-Nazi Movements

One commenter suggested that these attributes categories neoNazis in Germany today: […]

Cantaloupe Crisis: One-Third of Michigan Gone

Once again, cantaloupes are causing a meloncholy feeling at the CDC, which used to be called the “Center for Disease Control.” (It got pluralized, and various tweaks were made because “control” was considered too late. It wound up as the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, which of course abbreviates to CDC.) […]

Another Day Made of Glass

This is Corning’s new video on their future technologies. The previous one was nicely done, and I wrote about it some time back.

===|==============/ Keith DeHavelle

China’s Ownership of US Assets

Business Insider’s politics columns are often surprisingly leftist. This one, for example: “The Silliest Chart You’ll See In The Paul Ryan Debt Plan”: […]