The July 9 DNS Changer attack

Many news outlets have been talking about a virus and July 9. This connection is a bit peculiar: The virus doesn’t take effect then, but a government “patch” that has been supplying service will be removed that day (tomorrow). This is a bit complicated, but you can check quickly to see if you have a problem by clicking here:

As it says on the page, if it shows a green background, you’re good.

The original malware rerouted domain lookups so that you thought you were looking up but the request was intercepted and replaced with information under the control of bad guys.  (In many cases, some popular sites are “faked” so that it wasn’t obvious at first that you’d been hijacked.)

The malware does more than that, though, so if you DO have a problem, I’d suggest starting with and using their free tool.

===|==============/ Keith DeHavelle