Roaring Ambition

I’m sort of out of commission at the moment, and thus amendments must wait a day. But this writing is relevant, as one of the largest economic problems we face is the burden of a huge debt, now on its way to $18 trillion. […]

Science Saturday: Building a jellyfish

In this case, the jellyfish was not built from scratch. They took the cells from a rat heart and equipped a silicone shell with them, set up in a protein structure in the manner of a jellyfish. This construct actually swims! […]

Bachmann: “Turn Her Over” drives media frenzy

It seems that Michelle Bachmann has elicited the disapproval of many in Washington, including a number of Republicans, when she asked questions about the Muslim Brotherhood. I wasn’t tracking on this; my recent post on the MB was because of what happened to a former neighbor of mine (he became the new jihadist president of Egypt). In case you’re wondering what a Muslim Brotherhood jihadist was doing in Southern California: he was teaching college. Yes, it’s true that he was only teaching engineering, but Usama bin Ladin was studying architecture when a Muslim Brotherhood professor convinced him to join the jihad. […]

Candid Camera in Egypt

Being an actor in Egypt’s version of Candid Camera is a dangerous business, apparently. Here, the “joke” is for various Egyptian celebrities (apparently actors, actresses and comedians) to suddenly think that they are on an Israeli TV channel. The woman interviewee’s reaction is to stop the process and apparently storm out; the mens’ reaction is to physically attack the crew. One had his hand on his gun, but was told that it was a prank before he drew and fired. […]

Special Interest

One politician wrote rather candidly of the influence of big money on his campaign […]

Skeptic Failure

I became a member of CSICOP (the Committee for Scientific Investigation of Claims of the Paranormal) decades ago. My Lady and I were there when they held a big fundraising event in the 1990s, featuring legendary comedian Steve Allen and some other guy named Jerry Seinfeld whom I was less impressed by. Mr. Allen performed a skit using my Lady as the foil, which we both enjoyed tremendously. But in recent years, the organization and its affiliates have disappointed me. […]

The Obama Plot (viewed from the left)

This is an interesting phenomenon to me. A young man (Ulugbek Kodirov) was arrested about a year ago for plotting to kill President Obama, and was just sentenced to 15+ years in prison. He was a jihadist, involved with al Qaida and Muslim Brotherhood online sites, and had acquired a full-auto machine gun and four grenades (from undercover US agents) to kill the President. The jihadist aspects are clear enough in this Guardian article (though they never use that word). […]

The July 9 DNS Changer attack

Many news outlets have been talking about a virus and July 9. This connection is a bit peculiar: The virus doesn’t take effect then, but a government “patch” that has been supplying service will be removed that day (tomorrow). This is a bit complicated, but you can check quickly to see if you have a problem by clicking here: […]

The Confederate Flag: Patriotic

Half a century ago, the Confederate flag was considered to be simply one of the patriotic symbols of America. This was especially true in the South — remember the “General Lee” car from the Dukes of Hazzard? […]

World War II Preparations

…But these are big facilities, and thus big potential targets in wartime. […]