No more Mr. Anonymous

I mentioned recently the suggestion in the UK to implant a microchip in everyone at birth, to prevent anyone from being anonymous.

The New York Senate has a more direct approach to the issue. The bill they are putting forward requires you to post your real name and home address any time you post a political (or any other) comment.

At the same time, the Speedway Bomber is on the loose, and working for the Democrats. Your home address in his hands creates a dangerous situation indeed.

===|==============/ Keith DeHavelle

  • Anon4now4methanks

    You hit three topics that I’m intent to write on and the first two are unfabled threats to all our freedom. Technology will brand us like cattle and we will just be government meat in the long run.

    I was unfamiliar with the latter topic but if this man did criminally act, and the police/DA refuse to do their duty (even after media scrutiny), then a civil remedy is what our society allows.

    I read some of the complaints and I too has similar experiences: my photographs /photos of residence exterior/name/address were published numerous times. I had to go though channels to have information removed and as it took days , my information was viewed in the hundred of times. I also was subject to personal contact through social media/ harassment with materials sent to my residence and published untruths too numerous to catalogue along with the internet bravery of ubiquitous threats.

    I agree with the common position Michelle Malkin’s holds on more speech but I understand Panterico’s (sp?) choice to time is reply but for now I reserve judgment on the facts because one of the publications named that wrote a defense of the victimized bloggers is incredulously Janus-faced -how can I know the truth?