Craig Venter’s IPO

Crag Venter’s IPO doesn’t exist, in fact. But this eight-page story in New York Times Magazine is full of such adulation for the man that it seems most lilkely a build-up for an investment offering. Perhaps Venter is seeking private investors, and needed a boost in visibility. […]

The UN and the Internet

Congress will hopefully blow this off. But they are actively pursuing the Law of the Sea Treaty, so it’s hard to put anything past them: […]

Memorial Day

Memorial Day we gather and pay homage to our fallen… […]

No more Mr. Anonymous

I mentioned recently the suggestion in the UK to implant a microchip in everyone at birth, to prevent anyone from being anonymous. The New York Senate has a more direct approach to the issue. The bill they are putting forward requires you to post your real name and home address any time you post a political (or any other) comment. At the same time, the Speedway Bomber is on the loose, and working for the Democrats. Your home address in his hands creates a dangerous situation indeed. […]

Despicable Me

I recently mentioned Pentti Linkola, the Finnish environmentalist advocating killing off six billion humans, with nuclear war, engineered plague, or similar means. He seriously advocates a dictatorship and expresses admiration for Hitler and the Hitler Youth. Marmoe described him as “a nutcase” — but I don’t think he is. For one thing, he is respected in Finland, not just in the environmental movement but evidently in the media as well. They interview him, treating him with respect. One interviewer was clearly delighted to have Linkola autograph her copy of one of his books — and her conversation makes it clear that she knows of the “controversial” proposals in his “good books.” He’s wrong — horribly, painfully wrong — but he is quite sane. He’s simply followed almost to the logical conclusion what the current catastrophic global warming advocates: “preserving the planet” at the cost of humans. The “logical conclusion” of this position is the one occupied by the Vehement movement, VHEMT. The “voluntary human extinction” folks, still going strong after all these years, a bit like communists selling their goods to customers. (Ayers’s book is a popular sale item sold by communists at “occupy” and union protests.) […]

Obama, version 2004

Sunday, June 27, 2004 Kenyan-born Obama all set for US Senate Kenyan-born US Senate hopeful, Barrack Obama, appeared set to take over the Illinois Senate seat after his main rival, Jack Ryan, dropped out of the race on Friday night amid a furor over lurid sex club allegations. […]


An Austrian report: “Senseless Surfing in the Internet is Destroying the Environment” I’ll bet they don’t like webcomics.

Actually, I’d wager that they do, personally, but don’t like the idea of other people destroying the environment.

At least it’s Austria. Australia is coming to its senses (as in fact parts of Europe are). Some […]

Bio, Degradable

Two different “wrong info in the bio” scandals have popped up in the past few weeks. In one, Yahoo’s Chief Executive Officer Scott Thompson was revealed to something in his biography/CV that was not true. He claimed a qualification pertinent to his job (that he had a computer science degree) — and this was shown to be false. After several days of silence, then an attempt to mollify critics by saying that he never personally wrote the bio, pundits continued to pile on: “How could he possibly have not read his own bio? He allowed it to stand for years; he’s responsible for it.” […]

The Scientific Method

The Scientific Method is actually less complex, in a way, than the pretentious title makes it sound. The essence is simple:

Observe the world, looking for patterns Make a guess as to what might cause the patterns Make predictions: if your guess is true, what would you expect to happen? Test those predictions with observation […]

Stellar Revelations

This is certainly interesting. The implication: If this theory has it right, then not only does the Sun have an amplified effect on climate (through its interaction with cosmic rays seeding clouds), but much of the last 500 million years of evolution gets an update: […]