The Space Shuttle: It was time

President Obama decided to uphold the Bush plan to end the Space Shuttle’s operations. This was an Obama decision that I fully supported, though many conservatives were critical, and I wrote “In Praise of President Obama” as a result.

I am not in favor of the new Space Launch System (unaffectionately termed the Senate Launch System by critics sensitive to overpriced government boondoggles and pork).

Private enterprise can do the basics here, the “trucking and building management” that are the old Shuttle Program and the International Space Station. After reading, just a couple of months ago, that it would be “ten years” before any NewSpace company would be able to deliver goods to the ISS’s orbit, I note that SpaceX is running a flight to the ISS … in ten days.

But about the Shuttle itself: It has been the star of many stories of fact and fiction (including some of my own, as in this draft of a short story). But it has been problematic. This article outlines five “horrifying facts” about the Shuttle Transportation System, and was no surprise to me but might be to some of you.

(Edited to add the link to the Forbes article.)

===|==============/ Keith DeHavelle