Science and politics quizzes

This science quiz was interesting. I did pretty well on it, with results posted below:

Make sure that your browser is set to allow cookies, or the score will not tally correctly.

I anticipated a number of questions related to climate change, since that’s mentioned on quiz’s title page (as shown above). There weren’t any.  Some of the questions were almost giveaways, but some were quite subtle and required some exposure to different areas of science.  Read the questions carefully; a couple were written so that if you did not actually know, you would guess incorrectly.

Missing one was annoying, but the score is not too bad — my own education has been rather odd, and I saw scientists and engineers on a forum  posting scores only in the 40-45 range out of 50.  Try it out!

There were other quizzes on the site that were interesting.

Here’s the quiz for the Patient Affordable Care Act, otherwise known as Obamacare (even by Obama supporters, now).  I missed one on this one as well. That quiz required a pretty good knowledge of history, not to mention current events.  The quiz wording is not strongly slanted either for or against this legislation.

===|==============/ Keith DeHavelle