The Breitbart Obama College Video Source

I’ve been digging into this a bit. The Breitbart video is apparently from a PBS “Frontline” public television feature aired decades ago. It is now on PBS’s website (as of this writing, 8:30 Pacific time on March 7):

This is a much better copy, with more material, though it does not change the essential story. Has it “always” been there on the PBS site? No.

That sequence number, 2207363899, is interesting. I’ve just spent a few minutes analyzing the sequencing of videos on the PBS site going back several years. The number indicates that it had to have been put up AFTER July of 2011, and possibly earlier this year. (Apparently in July of 2011, PBS implemented a technology that stopped the process. That’s easy enough to do. The last video, in late July, had a 20xxxxxxxx series and a rate that suggested an upload probably toward the end of the year.)

Despite the 1990 date of the video, it was not apparently on their site earlier. It is from a PBS Frontline feature on Harvard’s diversity protests in 1990, and apparently they’re uploading a bunch of shows from old archives. I don’t know that PBS realized that the contents could be problematic, and I don’t view them as so to any great extent. The more recent video of Obama’s friends and associates plotting to overthrow capitalism is more troubling to me.

Obama is in it (speaking, of course) but is not actually mentioned by the narrator. Bell mentions him, and of course Obama’s speech is a tribute to Bell.

The quality on the PBS site is much better, and additional material is available. One sort-of ironic moment: Bell praises Obama for delivering a speech without notes, while Bell himself has to read from his own notes. Obama’s speech was not very long.

Obama pauses a bit too long after a comedic insult of Professor Bell (to the effect that “he didn’t accomplish these things on his looks and charm), and the audience got very quiet before he delivered the punchline.

Later, of course, Obama would become famous as the Teleprompter-dependent president.

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