Climate Lies Under Mann’s Control

Michael Mann, the author of the infamous “Hockey Stick” graph, has published a book of lies, misleading statements and misrepresented sources, to defend himself from being accused of having his same dishonesty when putting together the Hockey Stick graph. The book of poor defenses is called The Hockey Stick and the Climate Wars. […]

Mental gymnastics

I suspect that each of us has odd abilities, though for most of us don’t make extensive use of them. […]

A Tribute to Andrew Breitbart

I like it this Day By Day cartoon: […]

Japan’s Recovery, One Year Later

This very striking set of images shows Japan’s recovery, so far, from the earthquake and tsunami that occurred one year ago. […]

Andrew Breitbart, RIP

Andrew Breitbart, journalist titan and founder of the “BIG” websites (,, et cetera) passed away early this morning, apparently of natural causes. […]