LJ Archive Fixed!

This is good news, and solves a problem that’s been annoying me for almost a year. The LJArchive utility, that did an excellent job downloading LiveJournal entries and comments into a searchable form, broke last year. LiveJournal had made some changes internally to deal with DOS attacks, and the downloader for LJArchive would no longer work.

After a bit, I realized that it was the comments downloader that was broken — the entries could still be downloaded. But then I moved to a new computer, and no longer had even the old comments to work from.

The fix has been made — not by the oriiginal coder (who has apparently abandoned the project) but by someone else. See this site for the details.

And here’s the new LJArchive installer. It is indeed working on my system, and downloaded my comments (more than 30,000!) in just a few minutes. This makes it possible to find any text in any of the entries or comments quickly, as well as having them safe just in case.

===|==============/ Keith DeHavelle