Hunting Polar Opposites

I’ve written about polar bears before — first a bit of poetry for a friend, and then shortly thereafter a longer piece when I dug into the science involved.

I remember when President Clinton signed a bill to allow the taking of polar bears by US citizens as trophies. (The increasing polar bear population is something of a nuisance — and danger — around some human habitations.)

The Chinese have followed in Bill Clinton’s noble footsteps, and now offer trips to Canada (for wealthy Chinese) to hunt and kill polar bears.

As an aside, it is still quite legal and acceptable for Alaskan & Canadian natives to take polar bears, and the natives (at least in Canada) can then sell their licenses to visitors. The Canadian government charges $50CAN for a permit, and $750CAN for a polar bear trophy fee. What to go? Here’s one place that will help.

===|==============/ Keith DeHavelle