Follow-up on the Breitbart video

Pursuant to my little research from yesterday: PBS is being just a little coy about this. They did air parts of this footage in 2008 in their biography of Barack Obama:

What they aren’t saying in this write-up (though they now admit just uploading this “this week” — I had determined that it had to have been later than July 2011), is the fact that the video aired in 2008 was bits of Obama’s speech, overlaid with commentary and interleaved with interviews on how wonderful Obama is.

After a few seconds of the speech, we are treated to a woman’s voice-over, apparently someone who knows him: “He was raised in a white family and learned early on to move back and forth between different communities.”

This is followed by puffery of how “adroit” Obama is at “walking the tightrope between liberals and conservatives.” Why, he sounds just perfect! But there’s no background on Professor Bell here, and little of the speech (and none of Bell’s).

I remember this biography, noting at the time that it completely omitted Obama’s travels to Pakistan (just before this college time) and that it implied that he “rushed to his mother’s side” when she got cancer. It didn’t actually say that, but implied that he was there. In reality, this happened during his time being mentored by Jeremiah Wright, when Obama hated white people and had no interest in seeing his mother. He did not go back to Hawaii until after she was dead.

He describes his feelings in his book (and says he’s not proud of them), but it made his later commercial about his poor mother struggling with insurance issues (while Obama was making $150k per year) seem several kinds of hypocritical to me.

===|==============/ Keith DeHavelle