Bullheads and Steelheads

The Los Angeles Times article is quick to blame anything possible — and even things impossible — on Global Warming. This article, on the effect of Global Warming on fishing and hunting, is no exception.

But when it comes to details, the article is slyly worded, evasive, short on facts and long on projections of future doom. I’m not an active hunter or fisherman, but many my family are. This article rang false, independently of its wording. It manages to say, repeatedly, that this early spring is bad. It doesn’t matter that most people would consider it good, it’s always bad. The program gets tiresome: “Let’s state the worst possible case, even if we have to make it up.” The reporters are amateur catastrophist climate scientists.

The article begins with a close-up shot of a steelhead trout. And this caption: “In this March 13, 2012, photo, Chris Melohusky releases a steelhead trout he caught in Buffalo Creek during the warm winter weather in Elma, N.Y. A new report from the National Wildlife Federation says that warm temps and low snowpack could adversely affect trout and fishing. (David Duprey / Associated Press / March 28, 2012)” Ah … despite the doom that is supposedly already happening, this actually says only that it might happen someday.

So let’s look at this — is “global warming” (of course, it’s only local here) the cause of the decline of the steelhead population? Hardly. Here is a detailed examination of those factors, from an enthusiast drawing upon many reports. Global warming figures into this only in the sense of noting that its effects have not been seen. The decimation has other causes, and has long since taken place according to this report (PDF file). The biggest factor killing the steelhead population? Human-farmed salmon.

But the LA Times is killing the truth. As usual.

As an aside, this article talks about current and recent “extreme weather” and its lack of relationship to global warming … according to the IPCC.

===|==============/ Keith DeHavelle