Madness Caused by Mercury

An interesting post on mercury pollution, and attempts to address it. There are some surprising numbers: […]

LJ Archive Fixed!

This is good news, and solves a problem that’s been annoying me for almost a year. The LJArchive utility, that did an excellent job downloading LiveJournal entries and comments into a searchable form, broke last year. LiveJournal had made some changes internally to deal with DOS attacks, and the downloader for LJArchive would no longer work. […]

Bullheads and Steelheads

The Los Angeles Times article is quick to blame anything possible — and even things impossible — on Global Warming. This article, on the effect of Global Warming on fishing and hunting, is no exception. […]

Flexibility and Burnout

The story of President Obama’s comment to Russian President Medvedev has become well known: “This is my last election. After my election I have more flexibility.” […]

The Dark Knight Mumbles … about Class Warfare

The trailer for The Dark Knight Rises starts out with the US National Anthem, which gradually fades away to be replaced, ultimately, by the chant of the “occupy” people (amusingly, in the film they are the insane asylum inmates). I suspect that this “fading US” effect was quite intentional.


True but False

President Obama’s friends at the Washington Post have, very diffidently, called him out on his recent false statements on oil. After noting that he was repeating the misleading statements in “every energy speech,” they mildly warned that if he continued to make the same statements, he could mislead his audience. They very carefully called his statements “True but False.” […]

Hunting Polar Opposites

I’ve written about polar bears before — first a bit of poetry for a friend, and then shortly thereafter a longer piece when I dug into the science involved. I remember when President Clinton signed a bill to allow the taking of polar bears by US citizens as trophies. (The increasing polar bear population is something of a nuisance — and danger — around some human habitations.) […]

John Carter

My Lady and I just got back from seeing John Carter. We thought it was very good indeed! The film was a study in contrasts — the melodic, almost romantic music in the middle of a major battle scene — and yet it made sense in the context presented. There was a hostage crisis in the film, and my Lady laughed aloud. We did not share at all Tars Tarkas’s comment: “Thank the gods that’s over with!” […]

Follow-up on the Breitbart video

Pursuant to my little research from yesterday: PBS is being just a little coy about this. They did air parts of this footage in 2008 in their biography of Barack Obama: […]

The Breitbart Obama College Video Source

I’ve been digging into this a bit. The Breitbart video is apparently from a PBS “Frontline” public television feature from 1990. It is now on PBS’s website (as of this writing, 8:30 Pacific time on March 7) […]