The Heartland Documents

A quick note while I try to get shut of some projects:

The Heartland Institute has had a number of internal documents acquired by catastrophists[1]. I’m amused that the very same people who were so appalled at the “criminal theft” of Climategate files view this bit as perfectly legitimate whistleblowing.

I see the two situations as more similar than different, but there are some differences:

  • We don’t know how the Climategate material was acquired. With the Heartland docs, the catastrophists are bragging about using a false identity to trick someone into sending the material. I don’t know that this breaks laws, but it might.


  • The material in the Climategate files shows criminal activity (the deleting of emails) — even though the whitewashes made no attempt to pursue this. The Heartland docs don’t seem to show anything illegal.




That Atlantic writer (who is a catastrophist herself, but is treating this in a fair minded way) wrote an amusing description of the memo: “Basically, it reads like it was written from the secret villain lair in a Batman comic. By an intern.” It uses phrases like “dissuading [teachers] from teaching science” in a rather awkward sentence.

While the other documents, which are apparently real, show what Heartland does with private money from donations, the Climategate files tracked what was being done with taxpayer funding. Also, the Climategate material was subject to Freedom of Information Act (UK version) disclosure. As a private entity, Heartland is not subject to this. Nevertheless, I don’t see the two incidents as all that far apart.

The upshot of the documents that have been confirmed, amusingly, seems to show that the multi-billion-dollar global warming catastrophe campaign is being effectively combated by an organization that doles out pocket change to a few people.

And the main targets of the catastrophists, such as Steve McIntyre of, aren’t even on the list. The WattsUpWithThat website was about to get its first small assistance, which I chuckled at: The catastrophists who don’t bat an eye at Al Gore’s $300 million dollar global warming media campaign are horrified that Heartland proposed to contribute $88,000 to Watts to help set up a website and database and collection efforts to track record highs and lows from weather stations.

===|==============/ Keith DeHavelle