Germany Reverses Position on Catastrophic Global Warming

I immediately thought of MarmoeMarmoe, of course, my long-time friend and staunch opponent on issues of catastrophic global warming. He believes in it, and thinks it is a crisis that we must do something about. I see evidence for warming from the 1970s-1990s. but see this as a net positive effect and no crisis at all.

You can read the crisis they thought they had in the 1970s, based on the temperature drop from the 1930s when it got warmer in the US than it has since. This PDF file is a 1974 CIA report prepared as a result of assembling climatologists to discuss the coming ice age. If dropping to that temperature created a crisis, returning to where it was should not also be a crisis. But in the US, that’s what we’re dealing with.

In Germany, they’re dealing with something new. According to this article, Professor Fritz Vahrenholt, a famous German environmentalist, has just changed his mind about catastrophic global warming. He apparently encountered, first hard, how the IPCC did business and was not impressed. This triggered more research, resulting in this long-time green energy advocate (“the German Godfather of Green”) publishing a book called The Cold Sun (“Die kalte Sonne”). His change of position apparently got him suddenly dis-invited to speaking engagements.

This blog suggests that the German media has a sudden rush of anti-catastrophe articles as a result of the book.

Perhaps connected: The percentage of people in Germany “afraid of global warming” has been reduced to half of its 2008 value, and is now at only 31% according to the first article. MarmoeMarmoe, I expect, is aware of the situation and will likely have a good story.

===|==============/ Keith DeHavelle