The Modern Maximum

I feel a bit vindicated. Five years ago, I noted that the Wikipedia entry about solar activity downplayed the last half of the 20th century. In fact, this period of solar activity, called the Modern Maximum, had its own tiny Wikipedia entry. […]

Over Regulated America

The Economist had a recent article of interest (hat tip to the webcomic Day By Day and its Facebook commenter here: […]


A brief recap: The Heartland Institute is a libertarian think tank that favors free-market approaches (including free-market environmentalism). They take the position that the science of catastrophic global warming is not “settled” — and debate about it should not be quashed. Amusingly, they had just invited catastrophist Peter Gleick to come and debate the issue. They treated the last catastrophist who took up their invitation quite cordially, I understand. […]

The Heartland Documents

The Heartland Institute has had a number of internal documents acquired by catastrophists[1]. I’m amused that the very same people who were so appalled at the “criminal theft” of Climategate files view this bit as perfectly legitimate whistleblowing. […]

Germany Reverses Position on Catastrophic Global Warming

I immediately thought of Marmoe, of course, my long-time friend and staunch opponent on issues of catastrophic global warming. He believes in it, and thinks it is a crisis that we must do something about. I see evidence for warming from the 1970s-1990s. but see this as a net positive effect and no crisis at all. […]

A Bit of Jihadist History

I was intrigued by this former Muslim’s statement about the history of Islam: In 1,300 years of Islamic history, we have fought for 1,100 years. So there have been only 200 years of peace in Islam, by-in-large. […]

Terrible news on gas prices

Shale gas is RISKY! It might actually help to keep the price of natural gas down (holding projected 10-year price increase to 100% instead of 400% up from current prices). It also will add 870,000 jobs, and is currently the largest new job producer in Pennsylvania, for example. As you can imagine, the current administration is unhappy about this. […]