South Carolina results

Several candidates are no longer officially in the race — but got votes in South Carolina. I’m amused to note that the “racist” state (as the news media has been incessantly calling it) cast more votes for Herman Cain than for Jon Huntsman, Rick Perry and Michelle Bachman combined. And Perry had only just left the contest. As of this writing, the results show about 6,300 votes for Cain compared to 2500, 1200, and 500 roughly for Perry, Huntsman and Bachmann.

I guess this means that there are 1200 news media people in South Carolina; perhaps Jon Huntsman’s main constituency. No one on the right seemed much excited by him.

So, Newt Gingrich won, despite personal issues that would make him a “noble” candidate as a Democrat. Good for him! I like him, and while I’ve been troubled by some aspects, he has consistently articulated a good, positive, well-thought-out notion of what to do for America.

I don’t agree with all of his ideas, but it’s at least 90% — and none of the other candidates have expressed their ideas clearly enough or consistently enough to have such confidence in. Sound bites don’t cut it for this purpose. Read what a person writes when he or she has lots of time to think about a subject and polish the thought before it gets out to the public. Newt Gingrich does very well in that setting.   The more recent Gingrich/Romney business is irritating, but his PAC has done most of that damage. I’ve read his extensive writing on free enterprise, and he just doesn’t think the way the sound bites and the Left have made him appear.

And a lot of people are pleased at the notion of Newt Gingrich debating Barack Obama.  At least, a lot of people on the conservative side.

Yes, the Global Warming Couch business was unfortunate — he thought to link the idea of American energy independence to the catastrophists, but simply became tainted. He always believed that American free enterprise and innovation could solve the “problem” — but this was a bad miscalculation. The Left was never going to like Newt, and allying himself with the odious Al Gore was just dumb. I think he’s past that bit, and since then the Climategate busisiness has exposed fraud, criminal behavior and (most importantly) bad science in the small core of scientists pushing this.

I have one minor claim to fame in this regard: Right about this time, Newt Gingrich was planning to speak to a group of people about global warming. He was replaced on the schedule … with me. We talked the next day about my becoming the unofficial poet of the Newt Gingrich campaign — perhaps now, four years later, something like that might happen.

===|==============/ Keith DeHavelle