Jobs and Investments

There’s a core principle that is being missed here: People who can invest do so because they have enough money to make decisions with. They are not living hand-to-mouth, and can decide whether to invest in instrument A or B, something that provides income now or the future, something that has X tax effect or Y, something that is passive or creates new service/industry and new jobs, and whether to do any or all of this in the US or overseas. We have people all over the world, not just in the US, looking at us this way. Those people are the potential job creators.. […]

Environmental regulations delayed, defied, defrauded

The EPA was hours away from having its new regulations go into effect, forcing the shutdown of large numbers of power plants. They propose to do this “for the children.”

This might be connected to hearings in Congress in which it was revealed that the EPA is quite bad at coming up with a justification […]

The End of General-Purpose Computing

Some years ago I wrote a near-future story in which computers had fallen into disfavor. Not in the manner of Dune, but somewhat related to that.

In our own lives, the last few years have seen computers becoming increasingly present. On Christmas day, I watched as several young people present sat with their devices, absorbed […]

Lines and Circles and Spheres, Oh My!

A few of you pointed out the problems with a too-simplistic linear left-right chart, and noted other ways to look at the issue. Circles, for example, appeared more than once in that conversation, noting that the Nazi communists and communists would then wind up as adjacent to each other.


Happy New Year: Big or Small?

Happy new year, friends.

I’ve been engaged in a discussion of political movements, and there is a constant irritation regarding terminology. I have been careful to use (and consistently state) the US version of the spectrum, with the US right (including the Tea Party) and the US left (including the Occupy Movement). In US terms, […]