Good makeup

Some people improve with the careful and judicious application of makeup.

This fellow … well, it depends upon your taste, I suppose:

NASA’s New Mission

I think you’ll be intrigued by this: […]

Florence Ambrose and Ethics

The webcomic “Freefall” is excellent, and centers around a character that I developed great admiration for. She became the archetype of the group I call the Noble Webcomic Females. […]

South Carolina results

Several candidates are no longer officially in the race — but got votes in South Carolina. I’m amused to note that the “racist” state (as the news media has been incessantly calling it) cast more votes for Herman Cain than for Jon Huntsman, Rick Perry and Michelle Bachman combined. […]

Tax Protesting

It was suggested to me in a separate conversation that I am a tax protester who believes that paying any taxes at all is “not right.” I was surprised at this assertion. […]

Taxing the Poor

I’m cranking on a project involving Medicare and cost reduction — and my research keeps stumbling over one Leftist solution to diabetes: Tax the poor. If you punish them enough, the theory goes, they’ll stop behaving badly. So the implementation of per-ounce taxes on beverages will hurt the poor so badly, financially, they they will reduce their consumption of these beverages. […]

Peace for Israel

Peace for Israel means security, and we must stand with all our might to protect her right to exist, its territorial integrity and the right to use whatever sea lanes it needs. Israel is one of the great outposts of democracy in the world, and a marvelous example of what can be done, how desert land can be transformed into an oasis of brotherhood and democracy. Peace for Israel means security, and that security must be a reality. […]

Researchers Aware of/Complicit in Data Falsification

An article on faked science research just came to my attention. I read, and write about, research in a number of scientific fields. This week I completed a multi-million-dollar proposal involving ophthalmology and cancer; next week it’s neurology.

And of course, my readers here know of my decades-long interest in climate research. I lived through, […]

The Cost of Research, Retail (or, Capitalism for Marxist Professors)

In this article about publishing of research published on Scientific American’s website, the writer complains about having to pay for research articles, when the research is taxpayer-funded. Of course, “minorities are hardest hit” as the expression goes, and he uses a variation of that argument.

I read a lot of this research; I just generated […]

Colony Collapse Critter

A honeybee, under attack by a parasitic fly.

A parasitic fly, not previously known to attack honeybees, was accidentally discovered in a bee carcass. (The scientist had gathered dead bees to feed a pet praying mantis.) When further investigated, this insect larva predator turns out to be a very widespread problem for honeybees, and may in fact be a significant (or the primary) cause of the Colony Collapse Disorder that has plagued honeybee populations for the past several years. […]