Neanderthals Sophisticated Humans

I write here for my own amusement. (And I’m right here for your amusement too, perhaps.) While I make typographical mistakes (and appreciate the corrections and catches!), I strive to avoid them, and I do try to be careful with facts.

Writers for the Daily Mail in the UK have a larger audience, and one would think they’d be a bit more careful about proofreading. In this instance, at least, that did not happen. The title of my post comes from the last paragraph of an article (about Neanderthals building homes) that is posted there:

It adds to the growing view that Neanderthals sophisticated humans who has their own culture and may have even used language to communicate.

The article contained other language and geography mistakes. Even the title of the article uses “homely” when the writer meant “homey” (and uses it correctly in the text).

Elsewhere, I am seeing the interesting tidbit that Neanderthal ancestry is supposedly contained in all groups of modern humans — except sub-Saharan Africans. This is relevant to a project I’m working on, but seems likely to be controversial.

===|==============/ Keith DeHavelle