Margaret Thatcher, the Movie

I don’t know yet what to expect from the film coming out about Margaret Thatcher, the former Prime Minister of the UK nicknamed “the Iron Lady.” She and Ronald Reagan worked well together, and this bit of humor I posted earlier in the year will give you a feel for her reputation:

Thatcher, accompanied by her cabinet, arrives at a very nice London restaurant. She takes her seat at the head of the table, and the cabinet members dutifully take their places around the table.

The water approaches her, and she glances at the menu and says decisively, “I will have the steak.”

“Very good, madam. And for the vegetables?”

“The same.”

The Right Honorable former Prime Minister is still alive, though in somewhat fragile health, and the movie The Iron Lady has been panned by Thatcher’s children as “a left-wing fantasy” but has the actual left wingers dismayed that it does not make her look more terrible. (I’m amused by this: some on the left seem to write with the same zeal as Captain Hook in the movie: “I hate! I Hate! I HATE conservatives!”

That writer would have been disappointed: a recent article shows that, three decades later, far more people feel that the Iron Lady was right. The article is entitled “We are all Thatcher’s children now.”  And this review is positive.

Here’s another, with “Five Myths about Margaret Thatcher” that are interesting.  And she was voted “the most competent prime minister of the past thirty years.”

An aside: In that “myths” article is a discussion of the financial meltdown. It seems worth mentioning that my own take — that the meltdown was caused specifically by the policies-run-amok at Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, protected and abetted by Democrats in Congress — is getting a bit more attention now. A few days ago, six former executives of those organizations were sued for fraud in connection with those events.

Barney Frank and Chris Dodd are still at large.

===|==============/ Keith DeHavelle