The Music of the Fears: “The Wreck of Al Gore’s Copenhagen”

For the next week, I will post a bit of Climategate-themed music. The first pieces were written two years ago. Later in the week, I’ll tinker (carefully) with the Christmas theme and see what I can do with that.

So here’s the first one (with apologies to Gordon Lightfoot’s excellent work):

The Wreck of Al Gore’s Copenhagen

The legend is stored on the ClimateAudit board
Of the source code and CRU emails
A hacker they said sent the zip file that led
To reveal, that November, the details

When a load of data files brought a million more smiles
On the skeptical scientists’ faces
The whole CRU was a bone to be chewed
With each one of their email-linked places

The CRU plied the American side
Coming back with emailed indiscretions
As big scandals go it was bigger than most
And it filled up a thousand blog sessions

Concluding some terms with the Shell Oil firm
As they hyped up their cap and trade stealing
And later showed love to a single world gov
With they’ve been dealing

The string of emails left a tattle-tale trail
But the story broke not on mass media
Every blogger still knew, as did Fox viewers too,
That the CRU crew had deceived ya

The graph line came down and the Team wore a frown
When the tale of the tree-rings said “cooling”
But they worked a trick, and Jones picked it up quick
“Now we’ll Hide the Decline, we’re not fooling!”

When FOIs came, Phil Jones came on deck sayin’
“You can ignore McIntyre”
Though Jones broke the law, as everyone saw
He said “I never did it” — the liar

Kevin Trenbreth wired in he saw cooling coming in
Putting models and trends in great peril
But later he said something different instead
His own words had him over a barrel

Does anyone know where the temperature goes
When Harry’s code twists the numbers for hours
The old temps get cold and the scary graph grows
And it’s all blamed on CO2’s powers

Al Gore won’t show up for his ego’s that size
So he bailed out on Carbon Scare Tradin’
And all that remains are shocked faces and the flames
And the politics at Copenhagen

The media’s mum while ClimateGate sings
Of the tricks and the scare-tale enhancin’
New Zealand’s steams were a scientist’s dreams
He had tricked temperatures into dancin’

And farther below in the Antarctic snow
They were tweaking the numbers to somber
But the sea ice still grows as the bloggers all know
With the tricks of November remembered

At the newspapers and the broadcasters they prayed
For their god Global Warming they’re prayin’
But the Internet chimes for each one of the crimes
That had wrecked old Al Gore’s Copenhagen

The details are stored on
Of the fudging and bad-science snow jobs
But when emails came out there arose such a shout
That perhaps soon those prats will have no jobs

===|==============/ Keith DeHavelle