Too Much Wealth?

On Chiefio’s blog, he has just discussed political notions of “left” and “right” and compared attributes of communism, socialism, progressivism and the UN’s “Agenda 21.” One commenter there, from South America, suggested that one problem was the accumulation of too much wealth. This triggered a response from me, which I post here: […]

Margaret Thatcher, the Movie

I don’t know yet what to expect from the film coming out about Margaret Thatcher, the former Prime Minister of the UK nicknamed “the Iron Lady.” […]

Music of the Fears: I Wonder What the Team is Doing Tonight

I know what you skeptics are thinking tonight / As home in pajamas you ponder / All of you smiling in secret delight / You stare at our emails and wonder / The media’s leaning our way / But we still hear the blogosphere say… […]

A Joyful Yuletide (with High Technology)

May the Christmas cheer at this time of year / Lift you high and ease your loads / Of all faiths and creeds, each of us still needs / To find joy along our roads […]

Music of the Fears: Sympathy for the Climate

Please allow me to introduce myself / I’m a climate Ph.D. / I’ve been around for a thousand grants / Made the data dance for me […]

Neanderthals Sophisticated Humans

I write here for my own amusement. (And I’m right here for your amusement too, perhaps.) While I make typographical mistakes (and appreciate the corrections and catches!), I strive to avoid them, and I do try to be careful with facts. […]

The Music of the Fears: “The Wreck of Al Gore’s Copenhagen”

The legend is stored on the ClimateAudit board / Of the source code and CRU emails / A hacker they said sent the zip file that led / To reveal, that November, the details […]

Follow Up on Jules Manson from

The current editor of notes that Jules Manson was removed from that organization for similar racist behavior. […]

Evolution of a Political Story: Jules Manson

Apparently, a man named Jules Manson posted a message on his Facebook page this morning calling (in racist language) for the assassination of the president and his family. […]

Password Protection

Related to the raid on the climate skeptic from last night, there’s a recent law in the UK that makes it a crime, punishable by two to five years in prison, for withholding a password to your files when asked by police. […]