Veterans Day and a bit of rhyme

We in the United States are here, and we are able to continue to live in the lifestyle that we enjoy, thanks to veterans. Of course, there are others involved as well, but only a small percentage of the population places themselves in harms’ way in support of ideals and principles that we worked so hard to establish more than two centuries ago. From time to time, these are threatened.
Not every situation has enjoyed the same support at home — but go you did, and many of your mates did not survive the experience. The ones who did carry physical and mental reminders of what a grim business war is.

Life would be better if war was completely and totally avoidable. Until we reach that state, we will still need to fight,and sometimes to die, for things that are beyond material price. Many don’t understand this. Some feel that war can be stopped unilaterally, simply by saying “Do what you want, we refuse to fight.” These people have never been mugged, I suspect. There are times when ignoring a problem does not solve it.

Many of you veterans did not agree with the reasons, or understand everything that was happening to you — but you did your share anyway.

Thank you all.

I wrote the following a few years ago. One of the sons mentioned just got married; he and his bride just left for their honeymoon in Hawaii.

I’m proud of two young men who served as sergeants in Iraq
We’re fortunate; they went in ’91, and both came back
And one yet wears the uniform and serves his country still
The other’s done his job, and both have gained a lot of skill

But larger than my family, I raise a proud salute
To all you vets who trained and served that needful high pursuit
We’re here, and we are free, and we’re a nation worth applause
And it has been at your expense — it IS a noble cause

A small percentage of us puts their bodies in harm’s way
Some don’t survive. You’ve bought the liberty we have today
And not alone for us, a hundred million souls and more
Were freed by US troops. You know just what you’re fighting for

And so do we — and so today I thank you one and all
For answering your country and responding to the call
Our job lies yet before us, to preserve the prize you’ve won
We proudly undertake the job that you’ve so well begun

===|==============/ Keith DeHavelle