Occupy Theme Fail

I have been torn between being wryly amused and disappointed by the “occupy” movement. It contains many people who fantasize about killing people like me and destroying the free enterprise system and rule of law that made the United States so great. At the same time, they are utterly blind to actual crony capitalism if it’s on the Left: they like big government and expect handouts.

But I am a poet and songwriter, among other things, and thus I was interested in the song recently produced as a theme song for this movement. Unsurprisingly, it is full of references to killing people to get what they want: “Freedom is our canvas, your blood our paint” he sings, and he’s going to “string up” people that have achieved success.

Lovely. There are so many references to killing successful people — “pigs” he calls us — that one could easily miss a hilarious and accidental “fail” included in the video. Thirty-two seconds in, the movement is actually described fairly — and I don’t know if the composer of the video is capable of appreciating the irony:

I did laugh when I saw it. I grabbed this from the video that as of midnight is still the artist’s official version.

I have no doubt that he’ll be changing it shortly. Or perhaps he thinks that “CAPITALISM failed everyone except my parents, so they gave me money so I could stand here and be upset” is going to impress his audience.

===|==============/ Keith DeHavelle