Humor for the “ows” movement

Jim Fister at Finding Ponies has a post up about jokes for the “occupy” movement. He referred to a collection started here, but encouraged any contributions.

I had two, so far:

What’s the difference between the Tea Party and the occupy movement?
One burns with national pride and waves the flag. The other waives national pride and burns the flag.

Why should you always write it lower-case “ows”?
Because they hate capitalism.
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“Crony corporatism” — the use of wealth and power to buy government favoritism and rig the market — is a large problem, a fact observed by any who care to look. According to news reports, both the Tea Party and the occupy movement are motivated by this aspect, but the difference is crucial:

The Tea Party says “get rid of government favoritism” leaving the free market alone. The end result would turn America back into a leading power bringing wealth and prosperity to the world, raising the living standards of all.

The occupy folks say “get rid of capitalism” leaving government favoritism as the only game left. The end result, in my opinion, would turn America into Zuccotti Park writ large.

===|==============/ Keith DeHavelle

  • Jim Fister

    I still think your second joke is the funniest of the lot. I promise that I will find a way to reuse it.