Rising Cain

I am absolutely delighted with Herman Cain’s success, and am developing a real hope that he could become the first black president of the United States. And a fine president indeed, independent of skin color.

The last time we elected a president with no prior political experience, we got Dwight Eisenhower — who was excellent.

Cain has extraordinary experience where it counts — leading people and very large organizations, and wading into trouble and fixing it. Combined with his extremely high charisma — he’s considered the most likable of any of the candidates, including Obama — he has a real shot at this.

The lack of political experience is untroubling to me. It didn’t keep Obama out of the White House, and everything that Obama has learned seems to have been wrong.

I am amused by the Left’s focus on the fact that the Tea Party really likes Herman Cain. “Questions about Herman Cain’s skin color will continue,” CNN intones. Well, here’s the answer: Herman Cain is black. Next question?

Hmm. The debates will be interesting: The Action Man versus the Affirmative Action Man.

===|==============/ Keith DeHavelle