Shakespeare and Queen Elizabeth

This came in though Shakespeare interest connections, and was forwarded to me from a Facebook Shakespeare page that I wrote the poetic introduction to but have never seen.

The UK Daily Mail is tittering over whether or not the Virgin Queen really was. And Shakespeare is involved.

If you’re interested, here’s the intro I wrote:

On Facebook there’s a brand new Mensa spot
For William Shakespeare fans; it will be big
So if some fondness for the Bard you’ve got
Come on and join the Bardolatry SIG

There’s pictures, chat, newsletter and a blog
Discussions (was young Hamlet teen or man?)
Come join the group! Escape the mundane slog
Participate as only Mensans can!

(I’d actually forgotten, until retrieving the verse just now, that it was a Mensa-only group.)

===|==============/ Level Head