Raising Cain Again

A couple of pieces where Herman Cain is doing well:

Herman Cain’s Fed background supposedly “troubles” Glenn Beck.  And Cain did well in this interview on CBS.

I still like him, and hope he pulls this off. (The statement on the bumblebee from the CBS interview is not quite correct, incidentally, but it’s one of those “everybody knows” items.)

===|==============/ Keith DeHavelle

  • Anonymous

    He sounds very confident, a trait that serves any executive well. I enjoyed the videos you linked. But I’m curious, his 9-9-9 plan includes a 9 percent VAT. Are you in favor of that? I fear that will hurt small businesses with additional paperwork, and cause a general price increase as companies ensure that they can offset any VAT costs. I might be open to VAT if it replaced all sales taxes, but since states are funded by sales taxes it seems like many of us would need to use hybrid systems.

    Thanks though for some fun pointers. Who would you pick for a running mate?

    P.S. Sorry about the delay responding, running my business is taking most of my time…