The Return From Space

August, 2018: Very quietly—for many reasons—the deal had been struck. One side must act first… […]

A Spending SWAT Team

Imagine a team of skilled (private sector) management that becomes a new agency, a sort of SWAT team (Slash Waste Avoid Taxation) that moves from agency to agency, makes them efficient or shuts them down, and moves on to the rest.

We have a large number of duplicate, triplicate, and more agencies that perform […]

Chicken Little Intelligence

Not politics. Science and a bit of science fiction, combined with a sad commentary on … a commentary. […]

Memories of 9/11

As of 9/11/2001, my company had recently celebrated its 25th anniversary (I’d founded it in 1976), and I had come in around 3AM to put the finishing touches on a new business plan. […]

Leftists Hitler and Jihadists

I have written before about the left-right spectrum of politics in the US, and the fact that Hitler, by this measure, was very much on the American left. He was defended by the American left, in fact, until falling out with the Soviet Union. […]

Shakespeare and Queen Elizabeth

This came in though Shakespeare interest connections, and was forwarded to me from a Facebook Shakespeare page that I wrote the poetic introduction to but have never seen.

The UK Daily Mail is tittering over whether or not the Virgin Queen really was. And Shakespeare is involved.

If you’re interested, here’s the intro I wrote:


Reinstating the Draft is a Riot

Reinstating the draft is a popular notion among some crowds. […]