A trial balloon: No Congressional election in 2012

The governor of North Carolina (Democrat Bev Perdue) suggested that elections be postponed for two years, so that Congress would have time to fix the economy.

Another oddity: After denying repeatedly that his “tax the rich” rhetoric was class warfare (and having various leftist pundits say that the suggestion was “ridiculous”), President Obama has now admitted in a speech that he is proud to wear the label of class warrior, and go after job creators with a vengeance. (He uses the phrase “millionaires and billionaires,” but of course there is no tax on wealth in the US. He presumably knows this.)

One aspect of higher income earners is that they often can change the timing of that income. When the business climate is bad, as it has been since the 2007 legislative takeover, they can wait it out.

Meanwhile, he is busy creating a new class that he proposes to protect: unemployed people. While he’s had a big hand in enlarging their ranks, he is proposing to make it a cause for lawsuit if you feel you weren’t hired because you didn’t already have a job, or hadn’t had one recently enough. Pundits note that this, at least, will put underemployed attorneys to work.

===|==============/ Keith DeHavelle

  • Anonymous

    I caught wind of governor Perdue’s statement yesterday and was shaking my head, but my wife said it best: “So we already can’t trust them to do the right thing, and she proposes we take the pressure off them for a few years?”

    Seriously, part of me would like to have seeking public office be a mark against serving in public office.

    As to the unemployment, as one who needs to hire a couple new employees, I don’t really care if they come from a job or not (in fact, part of me wouldn’t mind if they were feeling desperate) but I still need to find people who can do the jobs without a lot of training because I have too much demand on my time to spend six months training them up from the ground floor. I suspect many companies are in the same boat.