A Spending SWAT Team

Imagine a team of skilled (private sector) management that becomes a new agency, a sort of SWAT team (Slash Waste Avoid Taxation) that moves from agency to agency, makes them efficient or shuts them down, and moves on to the rest.

We have a large number of duplicate, triplicate, and more agencies that perform overlapping tasks, often completely redundant. These are turfs protected by budget-seeking bureaucracies that were never interested in efficient performance.

The SWAT team would be funded by a portion of the money saved. After the first round, during which the Federal budget would be cut by tens of percent, the remaining staffers would finally have something to fear: if they’re not doing the right job and doing it well, they can be fired. There is no such threat now, and no motivation to perform.

While we make government efficient, a separate team can decide if certain tasks should be done at all: That’s an entirely separate question. But the work of this putative SWAT team is sorely needed.

===|==============/ Keith DeHavelle

  • Anonymous

    It seems like there are large swaths of government that could be eliminated entirely (my short list includes dept education, dept of agriculture). It seems many of these could be eliminated just by the president having the backbone to do so. For others I would like to see a president charge each department head to reduce his department’s costs by 20% each year during his stint in office without reducing service levels / efficiency. If the head fails they get fired, if they succeed they get a % raise for each % point in reduction over the initial 20%. It seems to me that corporate america goes through such exercies whenever the economy tanks or competition heats up. My one worry about creating a separte department is that it will seek to feed itself (Jerry Pournelle’s Iron Law of Buracracy).

    Still a idea well worth pondering!