Who framed Warren Buffett?

Or rather, who framed his written argument? I don’t know if anyone else has picked up on this, but there’s an authorship question concerning Warren Buffett. […]

The Left Defends Buffett

Interestingly, leftist media is pushing back on the claim that Buffet objects to the tax plan. Oh no, they say, the GOP is just misinterpreting what he said. […]

$50 million a year is not a lot of money

I’m amused that Warren Buffett thinks that President Obama’s “Buffet Rule” is a bad idea. […]

Government Interference with Business Hiring

I’d written briefly about a move by the Obama administration to create a new protected class of people that can’t be discriminated against: unemployed people. […]

Raising Cain Again

A couple of pieces where Herman Cain is doing well: […]

The Genomic Revolution

The cost of genetic sequencing has come down by a factor of over 1 million in recent years, and Richard Resnick of GenomeQuest talks about the implications for health and lifespan, happening right now and potentially affecting everyone now living. […]

A trial balloon: No Congressional election in 2012

The governor of North Carolina (Democrat Bev Perdue) suggested that elections be postponed for two years, so that Congress would have time to fix the economy. […]

Follow-up to Twain’s Renaissance Yankee

Wikipedia’s article about A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur’s Court gets details of the plot rather wrong. But this bit is interesting: […]

The Powerful Future of America’s Past

I am reading, once again, a book from about 130 years ago: A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur’s Court by Mark Twain. […]

Two STRATFOR posts on al Qaeda

One of these is from a couple of days ago: It describes how the jihadist threat is “devolving” from cells based upon/tied into al Qaeda’s core structure to threats from lone operators. […]