Bread and Circuses

In the original Latin, panem et circenses. The Roman we call Juvenal (Decimus Iunius Iuvenalis) wrote of this issue 2,150 years ago. He complained that in his recent times, “we sold our vote to no man,” but that Roman politicians had since devolved to providing the masses with welfare and entertainment. This sapped their will, lost them their dignity, and kept people in office solely for what bribes they could arrange for the crowd from the public coffers. […]

Using Trojans

The phrase “Trojan asteroid” meant, a century ago, an asteroid in a gravitationally stable point either 60 degrees ahead or or behind Jupiter, but in its same orbit. These are “low spots” gravitationally, and tend to collect debris over time. […]

Freedom lost by different means

Whether freedom is considered to come from God, or from a human understanding or rights, in practice it must be protected by humans.  And for much of the population around the world, it isn’t.

(Should we do something about this?  I think the answer is ‘yes,’ but that the ‘something’ is almost always able to […]

Internet Privacy

Two things came to my attention together on the topic of Internet privacy: G-Mail Man and a billrequiring that your Internet habits be tracked. […]

Persecution of Christians

Partly as a result of looking into the Breivik case, several items in the category of “persecution of Christians” came to my attention in rapid succession. […]

Breivik’s Madness

Anders Breivik killed nearly a hundred unarmed civilians, most of them youth, while attempting to destroy the government of his country at the same time. This was horrific, psychopathic, and evil. […]