Freedom lost by different means

Whether freedom is considered to come from God, or from a human understanding or rights, in practice it must be protected by humans.  And for much of the population around the world, it isn’t.

(Should we do something about this?  I think the answer is ‘yes,’ but that the ‘something’ is almost always able to be short of war — i.e., social, political, diplomatic and economic pressures brought to bear on totalitarian regimes.)

Part of Pascvaks’ recent comment reminds me of something from a Conan novel I read decades ago, which I remember as something like this: “Conan discovered that barbarians were more polite than people in civilized society.  A civilized man could insult you without getting his head bashed in as a general thing.”  I’m thinking about this now in a post coming up shortly.

But we have entire civilizations operating today that are failing this test.  Places where, if you insult the leaders or the official doctrine, you <i>will</i> get your head bashed in, your hands or feet chopped off, or be tortured to death.

I see one distinction in how this sort of atrocity works across different nations.  In Communist regimes, the populace generally fears the government and their application of totalitarian rule.  In jihadist regimes, the populace has a sizable contingent — sometimes a majority — that actually supports the idea of death or prison for being insulting.

Unfortunately, Egypt possesses just such a majority, and will be a full-on Wahhabi jihadist regime in a few weeks.

So much for the Arab Spring.  It is a trap that has been sprung.

===|==============/ Keith DeHavelle

  • There are many worlds on this planet and it is really a matter of your life or death that you know what their rules and customs are before you enter any of them. While we were all created equal, and endowed by our respective creator(s) with certain inalienable rights, and that among these are life, liberty, and the persuit of happiness, there are countless pitfalls and dark alleys on this rock and there’s no inalienable right to be stupid. Freedom isn’t free. In many places, it’s not even sold.