Building a Bilderberger

The “Bilderberg” business is peculiar to me. We either have all of the many hundreds of invitees forming an evil conspiracy, rendering George Soros something of an irrelevant bit player, or Soros really is a problem. I think he is, and I don’t think that a couple of days of PowerPoint presentations at a hotel each year are enough to clue all the putative players in to the proper actions of a “globalist” conspiracy.

Many of the attendees have been bitterly opposed to each other, politically. They get invited because they’ve achieved a measure of success; it’s something of a “You Have Arrived” mark.

I spent some time looking around at this issue, reading dozens of documents (and scanning hundreds) at some notorious websites, and could find no real support for this conspiracy whatsoever.

There really are organizations with globalist or related agendas who are bitterly opposed to US sovereignty and the US Constitution; these include the UN, the OIC, and many others. And there are giant corporations who contribute to areas that are problematic, such as Enron’s (and Royal Dutch Shell’s) support of Global Warming catastrophist actions.

Let’s go after the real, visible problems. Focusing on Bilderberg conspiracies instead of these others strikes me rather like calling CO2 “pollution” rather than addressing real pollution issues.

These are sideshows and distractions, it seems to me. You could almost say that the real “Bilderberg conspiracy” by the Left is convincing conservatives that there is one, so that they don’t focus so much on real movements and people who should be opposed. But there are folks on the Left claiming that it’s an evil right-wing conspiracy.

Apparently, it’s an equal-opportunity bunch of folks. But for reasonable people, it should be an opportunity to put some distance between imagined enemies and real ones.

===|==============/ Keith DeHavelle

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