Facebook Scam: Islamic Friends

Because of my long-time use of email — same email address for more than fifteen years — I get a lot of spam. One type that has surged in recent days is a peculiar Facebook/LinkedIn scam. The email purports to be from Facebook, informing you that “<Islamic/Arabic name> wants to be friends.” While it’s identified […]

Building a Bilderberger

The “Bilderberger” business is peculiar to me. […]

Evolution versus the Theory of Evolution

Marmoe asked a couple of questions; the answers got long: […]

Intelligent Design and Global Warming Catastrophism

Marmoe asked a couple of questions; the answers got long: […]

Texas Gives an Education

Texas and Wisconsin education rankings have been compared, with the Wisconsin union teachers blasting Texas for not having union teachers. Wisconsin’s rank on the National Report Card is #2, they noted, compared to #47 for Texas. But… […]

Perry Aster

The title here, “Perry Aster,” comes in part from Texas governor Rick Perry’s appearance and rapid rise in the race for the Republican nomination. […]

“I could mandate everybody buy a house.”

One of the presidential candidates made an astute statement about attempting to solve the health insurance problem by forcing everyone to buy it: He compared it to forcing homeless people to buy a house as a solution to homelessness. […]

Throwing a Party some Cash

Not long ago, I was approached by a petition signature worker, who exhorted me to help stop corporations from contributing money to politics. “Unions, too?” I asked. […]

Tolerance and Trouble Brewing

There is a difference between the US political left and right in the area of tolerance of ideas. […]

Holy Founding Fathers?

ACertainDoeBear commented on this post:

Which reminds me, perhaps the ‘purpose’ of the US ‘country’ is to act as a container for the Holy Founding Fathers ideas. Hmm.

It’s certainly true that many on the conservative side, Tea Party folks and others, have an abiding admiration and reverence for the US Founding Fathers. I am […]