Silver Lining

Silver Lining

It was late in life when I made her my wife
But the wonderful Lady Anne
Has been all I could need, and I’m happy indeed
And a blessed and lucky man
There’s a tale to tell that we know quite well
Twenty-seven years ago
When a customer that I stole from her
Fixed us up to start the show

They were not discrete, and said we should meet
And were suited very well
Now I must concur with how right they were
And that’s what I’m here to tell
She has been the force that kept me on course
And the light that shines my way
Through the trials of ills and the legal thrills
She’s been steadfast every day

We’ve discussed the world as events unfurled
And we still enjoy those chats
Where folks take delight in how much they fight
We’ve avoided all of that
I did lately log that an excellent blog
Dubbed me “World’s Most Interesting Man”
But if truth were known, I have only grown
Thanks to lovely Lady Anne

And for my small fame she can take the blame
Since she helped me every day
While her own fine light should be shining bright
She’s reflected it my way
Lady Anne is love, and I need no shove
To relate that fact to you
For each day and year I’m so glad she’s here
And each day our love is new

Anne’s “debugger eyes” often still surprise
After all the work we’ve done
She can glance at charts and the brilliance starts
For she’ll spot why it won’t run
And she’s right, of course. So we run the course
To trace back just how she knew
But I don’t get miffed: It’s a magic gift
And sometimes I have no clue

I’ve a late addiction, writing science fiction
But we build these worlds together
We work out the plots and the conflict spots
As these future nests we feather
These are lots of fun; there’s another one
On the work-in-progress board
She has some new way improving each new day
And my wellsprings are restored

While we started late, me and my warm mate
We’ve adventures still in store
Whether work or play, each and every day
Makes me long for many more
Twenty-five today, I am here to say
And to her with all my heart
Of the time gone by as we’ve watched it fly
I will say “A fabulous start!”

To my wonderful lifemate: I sure do love you!

July 11, 2011

===|===============/ Keith DeHavelle

  • awwwww. and such amazing stories you two are going to tell.