Gungate and Other Scandals

Operation Fast and Furious is now being joined by “Operation Castaway,” a project allegedly run from the Tampa, Florida ATF office and which arranged for large amounts of weapons to be delivered to MS13 gang members in Honduras. This article suggests that this was different from the Phoenix operation, and that “most” or “several” gun shipments were intercepted.

What was the point?

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Silver Lining

Silver Lining

It was late in life when I made her my wife
But the wonderful Lady Anne
Has been all I could need, and I’m happy indeed
And a blessed and lucky man
There’s a tale to tell that we know quite well
Twenty-seven years ago
When a customer that I stole from her
Fixed us up to start the show

They were not discrete, and said we should meet
And were suited very well
Now I must concur with how right they were
And that’s what I’m here to tell
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Space Shuttle on the pad

The Shuttle’s Last Flight: A New Beginning

Eight years ago, on a February morn, I was struck by the loss of Columbia on re-entry.  We waited for long minutes, and in the sky above my office the high, thin contrail from the ill-fated orbiter dissipated with our hopes.  Soon, the reports of debris began.

The loss of the crew was sad enough, and I remembered what had happened years earlier when the Challenger was lost during its ascent.  America, for years, seemed to turn away from space.  I walked back into my office, and wrote the following bit of poetry:

Push On!

The Shuttle, the Columbia, is lost
The world is shocked, and frozen now in place
Already timid souls bemoan the cost
And feel we should not once more challenge space

Debris will be discovered, gathered, probed
And theories will spark, then burst in flame
Though causes might not ever be disrobed
Too many will just search for who’s to blame

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