Bracelet Update: She did ask him not to use it

According to this fresh AP report, Tracy Jopek DID ask Barack Obama not to use “in speeches and debates” the bracelet I wrote about here and here.

However, she’s still an Obama supporter and is satisfied with what he said Friday about no soldiers dying in vain.

She is apparently unaware that Senator Obama HAS been describing soldiers as dying in vain, using her bracelet, prior to the debate.

A few days after offering it to the Illinois Democrat, Jopek, of Merrill in north-central Wisconsin, had a change of heart. She realized it could be interpreted as a protest against the war, a statement that made her uncomfortable because other military families who suffered losses still supported the conflict.

“I am a mother, a mother who lost her son. It’s hard to know what’s right, what’s wrong about this war. Very hard,” she said. “And I know there are a lot of families who lost loved ones.”

So she e-mailed the Obama campaign through its Web site asking that he not mention it during debates or speeches.

She never got a reply but said she didn’t hear of him mentioning it after that — until Friday, when Obama and Republican Sen. John McCain appeared in their first debate. In response to a question about Iraq, McCain said a New Hampshire woman asked him to wear a bracelet honoring her fallen son, and asked him to make sure the Iraq mission succeeded so his death would not be in vain.

She doesn’t want to hurt his campaign — but she wants him to make sure the Iraq war “succeeded”.

Obviously, she agrees with him in other areas, and it is her right to do so. But this business doesn’t make Senator Obama look any better — it is simply a matter of forgiveness after permission was denied. Fortunately, he got that.

Here’s the upshot:

Does Tracy Jopek still support Barack Obama? Yes.

Had she asked him not to use the bracelet any more? Yes.

Was she surprised to find that he was still using the bracelet in his speeches and debates? Yes.

Does she want an immediate end to the war regardless of consequences? Apparently not. (And certainly the father SSgt Brian Jopek does not!)

Will this be a big issue? Probably not: she is the one who would have to make a fuss, and as I reported originally she didn’t want to sabotage his campaign.

But Barack Obama IS, as it turns out, guilty of continuing to use the bracelet after being asked not to.

Nor does she want him to continue to do so.

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  • While I am ‘not’ an obama supporter I have to wonder WHY this woman gave him the bracelet and didn’t expect him to say anything about it? Ok I get the fact that she asked (key word) to not use it in his speeches. HOWEVER after the very first time why didn’t she DEMAND this bracelet back? answer: because she’s a kool aid drinker is why. So therefore, she is acknowledging what obama is doing as ok. I personally think that she (the one who gave it to obama) should demand it back IF she really didn’t want him talking about it. Ever heard the saying that “something just doesn’t smell right?” I think that’s my feelings on this issue.