The Debate Polls: Drudge vs. MSNBC

This analysis was done at the blog DeafRepublicans, and is quite interesting:

The Drudge Poll on the Debate:

The MSNBC Poll on the Debate:

Debate Poll: Dridge vs. MSNBC Sources


Bracelet Wrap

As subsequent events have shown, the original analysis was correct. She DID ask him not to use it.

Her objection: It was being used by Obama to make it seem that she was against the war effort. She wants it to be “successful.”

It’s even more starkly clear that SSgt. Jopek supports the Iraq war […]

Bracelet Update: She did ask him not to use it

According to this fresh AP report, Tracy Jopek DID ask Barack Obama not to use “in speeches and debates” the bracelet I wrote about here and here.

However, she’s still an Obama supporter and is satisfied with what he said Friday about no soldiers dying in vain.

She is apparently unaware that Senator Obama […]

The Obama Bracelet Issue, part 2

I have tremendous respect for Staff Sgt. Brian Jopek, who is the father of Ryan David Jopek, the soldier killed in Iraq whose bracelet Barack Obama wore during the debate.

When I discovered the March interview in which the father related the mother’s desire for Senator Obama not to wear it, I was struck by […]

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I happened across the information about Senator Obama’s bracelet by looking for information about the soldier’s parents; I discovered the WPR interview with his father that way.

I have tremendous respect for Ryan Jopek and his father Brian. Some time back, during the Abu Ghraib business, I wrote this to honor our soldiers that had […]


Memorial Day we gather and pay homage to our fallen Who gave themselves completely in response to duty’s callin’ Some joined to see the world, some others thought of education And others drawn by kinship with the proud that guard our Nation […]

Barack Obama’s Bracelet

UPDATE: For the full recap, use the “Bracelet tag and see the whole sequence. The story has been confirmed.

Barack Obama’s bracelet is apparently not being worn with permission from the parents, and what he’s saying about it seems not to be true. The mother is no Cindy Sheehan.

This, in a fair world, should […]

Housing Numbers: Freefall? Meltdown?

If you Google[“housing prices” freefall] you’ll currently get about 265,000 hits. Wow! Freefall sounds extreme! How bad is it? Well, there are certain areas that rose at very high rates, most notably California and Florida, with areas like Las Vegas and Phoenix also remarkably affected. And the excitement from these markets drove, to a certain extent, most others as well. So, freefall. We’d guess from this freefall in national prices something on the order of tens of percent across the country. And from the strident tone of the articles, it must still be bad indeed… […]

Small Town Values

I live in a small town, close to a large city (Los Angeles). We moved here about ten years ago, and I had lived and run my business for decades before that in much more populated areas and sprawling metropolises. The differences are remarkable: […]