Memorial Tribute

This piece has a bit of history. It was written during a time of soldiers being accused of horrific misdeeds. And it was personally approved by LtCol Oliver North. I was privileged to have dinner with Col. North several times in 2006 and 2007. An amazing and admirable man. Continue reading Memorial Tribute


A commenter on Citizen Tom’s blog makes a point against “liberals.” In so doing, he enlisted Darwin as supporting their idea. His quote is below, followed by my response: Continue reading Races


One commenter was stumping for Trump, announcing that he had the plurality. Donald Trump was able (with the eager help of leftist and statist and establishment media) to achieve the largest small share among 17 initial possibilities. Now that he is the only choice left, he’s very likely to get a majority,and sort of has it now, although there are problems. Trump is the presumptive nominee, but he is not yet the nominee. Continue reading Plurality


I have had a bit of direct experience with bureaucracies. Years before this, working in a “mixed” machine shop (some of the workers were union, some — including me — were not), I had been exposed to union attitudes. If I worked hard and produced a large number of good quality aircraft parts, I was lectured that I was making other workers look bad. I offered to teach others, for free, the techniques I had worked out. I was threatened with being fired. But the shop itself was not too laden with hidebound bureaucrats, and I worked out how to make Space Shuttle and jet parts and enjoy the process.

Years later, I got a snootful of bureaucracy: Continue reading Bureaucracies


Some say Constitutional Conservatives should not vote for Trump in the general election. (By all means, vote for Cruz in all the remaining primaries!)

Are we Trumpish?

Continue reading Trumpish


Why do the Jihadists hate America? There are three broad schools of thought in the US on this topic:

  • Progressives insist that jihadists are only reacting to our provocations of them, from attacking their countries.
  • Libertarians assert that it is cynical US manipulation of Middle Eastern governments, which they consider to be (or have been) US puppets. This includes the governments of Iraq, Iran, Egypt, Syria and others.
  • Both libertarians and liberals often imply that Israel, or “the Jews” in general, are pushing all of this.
  • Conservatives ascribe to jihadists a hatred of American/Western ideals of liberty and government, coupled with their disgust at the results of such freedoms — sexual promiscuity and what they call “democracy” being chief among them.

But there is another school of thought to be considered: Continue reading Hate


(More from the conversation with “THE RIPENING WANDERER” on the “only a few” defense of Islam. He wrote:) Continue reading Abrogation


I had always considered it likely that Ted Cruz, like Ronald Reagan, would not be successful his first time out. He got so much closer than I originally expected, though I was always hoping he’d make it all the way. Indiana was the one door that remained locked to him. Continue reading Suspended


I was asked to address this question about the Muslim Brotherhood (“Ikhwan”) in another blog, and here’s the question and my reply: Continue reading Ikhwan


Trump and the Establishment

Trump is being touted as an “anti-Establishment” guy, an outsider. This sounds good in principle; the Republican Establishment (and the fact they they act more Establishment than Republican) has been deeply disappointing. But the Establishment types have based their actions on careers of being bought by special interests. Trump’s career is that of being a one-man special interest, who has spent many millions of dollars buying political operatives.

It always seemed to me that the Establishment opposition to Trump was rather hollow, and recently we’ve seen it fade even further: Those people who would feel “threatened” by Trump have apparently cut a deal with him. Hence Boehner’s endorsement of Trump, and the visible acceptance by others in power. Most don’t think he’d win, but now they’ve hedged their bets and know that he’s little threat to him. Unless they continue to oppose him — so they don’t.

Should conservatives oppose him. Yes. Trump is not a free marketer, he’s a crony capitalist (or “crapitalist” for short). He’s explained in his writings that rules, including the Constitution, are simply obstacles to get around when cutting deals. His only saving grace in this regard is that Clinton or Sanders are worse yet. Continue reading Trump