Thanksgiving 2015

To all my friends here, old and new:
The best Thanksgiving Day to you!
Perhaps you’ll join the great repast
And then, recovering, will fast…

But some, less fortunate, can’t share
The bounty and the family fare
To all thus situated, know
That to you, too, my thoughts will go

More personally, my Lady’s loss
And walking’s gone — a lesser cost
But I will think of her and smile
Three wondrous decades — quite a while!

I picture her in my mind’s storage
She boosts me still, and she’d encourage
My striving on, to never quit
So I will make the best of it

Some friends here hail from far away
Thanksgiving’s not a special day
But know that, in your distant spots
You feature highly in my thoughts

The year has brought unhappy tricks
Economies, and politics
Place these aside now, if you could
And ponder all you have that’s good

The best “place” is, perhaps, within:
Such visits are where hopes begin
So, more than turkey, quail, or dove
Find peace, and joy, and friends, and love.

===|==============/ Keith DeHavelle


Led by the Obama administration, the West seems to be “outsourcing by default” in key areas:

We are not evidently competent enough in the arena of cyberwarfare to attack ISIS or defend against other enemies, so we now wait flaccidly while “Anonymous” does this work for us, and the FBI reports hopefully on their progress.

We no longer have the will or understanding of the world’s strategic situation to fight ISIS on the ground, so we have outsourced these battles to Russia and Iran — at our own later peril.

And we increasingly demand that law-abiding citizens be stripped of the ability to defend themselves, leaving criminals as the only ones who can defend citizens in a terrorist attack:



(Translated from the original Spanish by Google. Emphasis in the original.)

===|==============/ Keith DeHavelle

Thank You to Veterans

War is terrible; it is a sad to realize that sometimes it is necessary. Knowing which ones are necessary is a crucial art, a skill at which some national leaders have shown deficiency.

A long time ago, a strong feeling of patriotism and the honors and approbation heaped upon veterans caused many to join, thinking about their personal status improvement rather than big-picture issues or defense of the country in general. The eager and fairly shallow desire for acclaim and attention to which Owen directs us certainly applied then, and was a big factor almost a hundred years ago when we entered World War 1.

But today … Continue reading Thank You to Veterans


My absence here was noted, and I thank you for the many thoughts and well-wishes. I’ve been in the hospital for a while, then in a “skilled nursing facility” for one 24-hour day. It took me that day, without sleep, to arrange to get out of there. I’d been concerned about being home in current circumstances, but a long night in that facility showed it to be the worse option. Continue reading Ambiance


And finally, on wealth:

Does [a] man have the right to purse happiness through amassing his own wealth with no care for those less fortunate?

Continue reading Markets


On to promiscuity:

Does [a] man have the right to pursue happiness through frequent intercourse with various partners?

Yes. You must convince him, and his partners, that this isn’t in his best interest. And you must do so without compulsion. But “an it harms no one” as the Pagan expression goes — in other words, so long as it does not infringe upon the rights of the partners — these people are within their human rights.

We have legal guidelines in the US on such things including age restrictions, which would apply. Many of those guidelines make sense; some do not. And the actions of the promiscuous themselves arguably do not make sense, on grounds from societal to evolutionary to theological — but the right to do stupid things is an important, if not-much-talked-about, human right.

===|==============/ Keith DeHavelle


This one is trickier, as I have mixed feelings about the issue:

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The “Conception post” was a follow-on to answering a series of questions posted at Citizen Tom’s blog. The questioner is a commenter who goes by the moniker “mastersamwise” — and he asked these questions: Continue reading Abortion


I have some thoughts on “life begins at conception” definition: Continue reading Conception


Margaret Sanger has been in the news recently. And on Citizen Tom’s blog (which has a Virginia conservative focus) I commented to another Virginian who suggested that “her ideas on eugenics are ignored and disregarded because they are pure, racially motivated looniness.” I don’t think that’s true; the ideas are currently out of favor, and thus are not taught; few are even aware of the US eugenics movement. It seems to me that President Obama and others are quite happy to promote other “racially motivated looniness” if they see a political advantage to it. But that wasn’t the focus of my reply, which follows: Continue reading Eugenics