Lithium Love

Very odd. A blog supposedly maintained by alleged Oregon shooter Chris Harper-Mercer writing as “Lithium_Love” doesn’t sound like the sort of person likely to commit such an atrocity. Nor does his writing seem to line up with Harper-Mercer’s background: a mixed-race 26-year-old born in England, had been in a school for students with “learning disabilities and emotional problems” (graduating in 2009), a major fan of the Irish Republican Army, with one of his two MySpace friends being a jihadist-connected Los Angeles Muslim. The friend, Mahmoud Ali Ehsani, has pictures of jihadists from many countries, and wrote in a caption on one of them:

The Mujahideem of Palestine…My brothers and sisters keep on doing your thing. Allahu Akbar….my brave soldiers keep on fighting against Israel. F*ck Israel. Kill the Jews. jews are the only infidels

Here is a bunch of captured images from Ehsani’s profile. Ehsani’s profile would be believable as a mass murderer, and so would the IRA fan Harper-Mercer. But…

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Death to Normies (Updated 10/1/2015 9pm Pacific)

This post is about the horrific Oregon school shooter. Continue reading Death to Normies (Updated 10/1/2015 9pm Pacific)

Fiorina and Islam

It’s interesting to see the attacks on Carly Fiorina. Fiorina does indeed have some genuine weaknesses, but those are generally ignored by the attackers, who focus on two topics: Her speech that included remarks about Islam, two weeks after the 9/11 attacks, and her corporate leadership of Hewlett-Packard, where she was brought in just before the entire tech industry collapsed in its largest recession ever. They don’t blame the recession on Carly Fiorina, they simply fail to mention it, as if HP’s troubles were simply the effect of Fiorina’s leadership. But here I’d like to focus on her Islam speech in the aftermath of 9/11: Continue reading Fiorina and Islam


The Middle East is starting to look more sensible about Islamic extremism than is the Obama administration. Isn’t that a sad thing to say?

Here is a Saudi Arabian author being interviewed on television, and he describes the problem. He notes, correctly, that there is little difference between the “moderate” Muslim clerics and the most radical Muslim Brotherhood jihadist supporters: Both groups preach the same concepts from the same revered sources. He suggests that Islam needs a Reformation like Christianity had, and not just a Luther but a Calvin as well: Continue reading Extremism


A friend was complaining recently about an “absurdity” of multiple universes as portrayed on a recent PBS/Nova broadcast. Here’s a slightly edited version of my reply:

There are two general concepts of alternative universes; one is unknown and unknowable in our present understanding, the other is an absurdity that is considered by some to be real because the math seems to work.

Bubbles and Worlds

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Found One!

The media have finally found a “right-wing, Christian” mass murderer. (Though he was also evidently a fan of Democrat/Gore-supporter Fred Phelps of “God Hates Fags” fame.)

Expect to see endless assertions on mass media that Houser is “typical” of conservatives, Tea Party members, Republicans, Christians, the right wing, legal gun owners, and so on.

Just as you have seen them characterize all Muslims as America-hating mass murderers due to the attacks by jihadists on Americans as recently as last week.

What, you mean they don’t do this? This broad-brush painting is only for people the left doesn’t support? Well, how about that.

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Some random thoughts on free enterprise, expanded from a comment to yesterday’s post.

Does free enterprise, usually called “capitalism” because of Karl Marx’s influence, depend upon greed? No, in fact. The expression “it depends heavily on greed” is counterfactual in my opinion.  Consider: Continue reading Greed

Nastiest Quote

When examining the track record of a nearly-insane mooching thief/convicted criminal/former Democrat staffer under Jimmy Carter advocating the murder of Republicans and conservatives, I encountered this quote: Continue reading Nastiest Quote


Excepts from a discussion at Citizen Tom’s blog:

@phadde2 wrote:

Keith, let me ask, are you not concerned with the extreme viewpoint of the free market turning tyrannical?

No. Well, let me look carefully at your statement. Yes, I’m concerned about people that would hold such an “extreme viewpoint.” But I am not concerned about what they profess to be afraid of.

The free market, by its nature, cannot turn “tyrannical.” It is by name and definition free. It consists of voluntary transactions based on perceptions of gain on both sides, else they wouldn’t participate. Continue reading Markets

America the Disdained

This article in Salon yesterday was one of several that I saw filled with disdain for America, its people, and its history. But the writer (Andrew O’Hehir) did seem to have some semi-affectionate humor for Fourth of July picnic foods.

Interestingly, the author describes a common error in looking at history, then proceeds to write an entire article filled to the brim with it.

Some of his assertions are simply factually wrong. Most are in the category of expressing an opinion, formed from the worst possible way to view events. In general, they evidence a deep disaffection for the United States, with some bromides thrown in as a sop to be able to say “See, I said something nice, too!”

I’ve grouped some phrases from the article into categories. The phrases are his; the categories are mine. The phrases are no longer in the original order as a result (although the order within categories is preserved). I’ll start with the author’s description of his own error: Continue reading America the Disdained